Frequently asked questions

  • What is Qold®?

    Qold is an end-to-end modular solution that automatically registers and monitors temperature.

    How do the alerts work?

    You can configure the temperature limits to each one of your equipment. If our sensors register an out of bounds temperature you will receive a SMS immediately.

    I have more than one place needing monitoring. Do I need an account for each one of the places?

    No. Each user only needs one account. After logging in you can access all the places you own

    Can I export and print the registered data?

    Yes. You can export the data to both pdf, csv and png formats. Then you can save it and print it.

    How can I check the temperature of my equipments?

    After logging in with your account in our site ( or in the iPhone app, you will have access to all your equipment’s temperature data.

  • Why should I use the Qold®?

    With Qold your food is always protected since you receive an alert every time an out of bounds temperature is registered. Beyond that, you don’t need to register the temperatures manually anymore. Qold do it automatically for you.

    How often is the temperature registered and monitored?

    By default once every 15 minutes. However this value can be configured to better fit your needs.

    Is Qold compatible with all my equipment?

    Yes. Qold is a non invasive solution, compatible with every equipment.

    How many equipments can I monitor simultaneously?

    Since our solution is highly adaptable and adjustable to your needs, Qold can monitor as many devices as you want.

    What is the temperature range of the sensors?

    Qold allows you to measure temperatures between -40ºC and 125ºC.